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Sandra's Spring Garden

October 21, 2020

Sandra's Spring Garden


Sandra's Spring Garden

My Kita Ku Garden is Thriving this Spring.

I have lots of amazing colours and shapes in my modest home garden and it inspires me daily to live a creative life. Colour has always been the basis of all of our planning and creation here at Kita Ku just like my garden.  It takes time and love to create.

Every one of us has a colour pallet we gravitate to, for me they are stronger colours and too much black and although I am personally a ‘summer colour’ (which was a shock when I had my skin tone colours checked by a specialist in colour analysis), my garden is far from black. It’s pretty and I go for a theme each season or two depending on the time I have to play in the garden.

This year the daisies have been fabulous and a little out of control, but so has 2020 so I feel forgiven for not getting to them with the garden shears. I have loved watching my weeping cherry each season (now 3 years) finally spreading her branches and creating  the canopy I want. The garden is small but private and generates enough energy for me to keep happy and busy. The wooden shingle from my shop Kita Abadi in Hawthorn some 20 years ago reminds me of how much longevity I have with Kita Ku showing once again the brand has withstood the test of time and a generation of shoppers as well.

I hope that you are taking plenty of me time in the garden this spring also. Enjoy



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