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Sandra's Favourite Plus Size Dress

August 19, 2019

Sandra's Favourite Plus Size Dress

I can’t believe that summer 2019-20 is approaching so quickly. Each year I am certain that the years go by much faster than the previous one.

So do you have any thought on choosing an elegant plus size dress for your new summer wardrobe?

Mine is always pretty simple, I have several tunic style no sleeve black dresses which I just love over leggings. My leggings vary with the length according to the type of day it is: hot or coolish.

This year however due to my operation of now just over 12 months ago I need to get a whole lot of new black dresses ( I do wear other colours and styles of course however my little black dress is my trademark staple) to fit my new shape.

Problem being that naturally I have gained weight and changed shape so what looked ‘awesome’ to me is now not so awesome!! I need a cap sleeve to hide those nasty little dimples under the arms and I just love the cap sleeves as they still make me feel better about showing my arms off.

I know many of my ladies like to wear sleeves according to the shape of their arms.

Over the years we have tried to be mindful of this fact, and we manufacture far more garments with sleeves than without. Some styles call for a narrower sleeve and this is sometimes disappointing for the customer who has a larger arm than suits the garment. But we are being very mindful during our new Kita Ku Summer stock to cover all bases.

If you have any suggestions regarding sleeves and sleeve widths etc please don’t hesitate to contact us via email of them. Visit our dresses online for a great range of plus size dresses.



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