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Plus-sized fashion for Autumn: Styles to try at home.

March 02, 2020

Plus-sized fashion for Autumn: Styles to try at home.

Plus-sized fashion for Autumn is all about creating comfort at home. Set your home and your wardrobe up for the perfect Hygge haven this Autumn and make life cosier than ever.

According to Wikipedia, the Danish term Hygge is a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

We can achieve this by creating a home environment that is cosy and ambient and curating a warm and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe.

Follow these easy tips for Hygge-style dressing for the plus-sized woman.

Tip 1: Go natural.

Look for soft, textures that are warm and durable, and aim for a loose, oversized fit.

Layer long-sleeved tops under jersey or wool fibres, and top with a scarf for extra texture

Tip 2: Keep it warm.

Light the fire, turn on the heat, Hygge is all about being warm. Layer up with natural fibres, big, loose sweats over leggings or tights. Pull out the ugg-boots and the woolly socks.

 Tip 3: Kondo your wardrobe

When it comes to Hygge in the wardrobe, it’s all about tidying up. Roll like-for-like items together in your drawers, keep what makes you feel good, and let go of the rest. Match colours together when hanging items, get rid of the wire hangers and invest in wood or velvet-covered hangers that showcase your favourite pieces.

Tip 4: Dim the lights, and create an ambience.

Hygge is about the soft-glow, to create intimacy, calm and positivity. Turn off the downlights, and light the candles, fairy lights and lamps. Whether day-time or night, removing excess bright light or glare will immediately relax you.

Tip 5: Embrace your tribe

The Hygge philosophy is all about quality time with your loved ones, and while we can’t do this in person right now, we can still make time to talk on the phone, video chat or even write an old fashioned letter to our closest and dearest.

Tip 6: Simple living

Enjoy this time at home, and choose mindful, calming activities such as puzzles, sewing, knitting, cooking or reading. All of course while wearing the perfect Hygge-comfort essentials.

Check out our new plus-sized fashion for Autumn range, for all your Hygge-dressing needs. 


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