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After Pay accepted on all orders | NEW MANAGEMENT Check out our latest styles!

How to pick the perfect fit when buying clothes online

May 09, 2021

How to pick the perfect fit when buying clothes online

Online choices are fascinating as you are getting brands from various sellers under one roof. What captivates the users about e-shopping is that it allows shoppers to visit web stores from the comfort zone of their house and shop away using their phone. Online shopping is a boon to save our time. Alongside it is very convenient as you can shop anytime, anywhere, eating or dancing, having the alternative of more variety, more comparison and better price option.

If you are having a bad or lazy day, visit your favourite online clothes shopping sites sitting in your room to boost your mood as we all love spending our money where we can see -hanging in our wardrobes!

Say YES to online clothes shopping!

We all love to reap the benefit of online shopping. We order beauty products, accessories, electronic devices, books, shades online with our eyes shut but sometimes think twice or thrice about clothes. Many of us are sceptical to go online clothes shopping.

Now the question is, why? Look at your wardrobe, do all your wearing have the same size level? No. It is the main reason for people's suspicious behaviour to buy clothes online. You get muddled when it's about to get the perfect measurement or size of your body. Do remember, the number or size on your clothes level is inconsistent. Besides, when you get hundreds of big shopping sites, huge discount, and other offers every time you go online shopping, you are confused. The quality of the product is a big issue as you can't trust everything you see virtually. There are also possibilities of having hidden charges and security issues like some websites may lick the customer's information.

Many trustable online clothing lines are working on keeping customer's insecurities in mind. Such as Kita Ku, by mentioning a transparent privacy policy and terms of service on its website, Kita Ku clearly describes how it works. Customers of Kita Ku neither have to deal with measurement problems as the website has explicit instruction and size chart according to the types of clothing, nor they face any consequence of security issues.

It's 2021! You know the drill, 'Stay at home, and stay safe!' Going out unnecessarily for things like shopping for clothes is not a preferred move, especially when you have so many options open online.

Let's look at how to rock those possible stress that might appear while online clothes shopping.


Hacks to get your perfect fit when buying clothes online

It says, "If there is a will, there is a way." Pick your strategies to deal with those possible situations which keep us away from shopping for clothes online.

1. Be sure about your updated measurement

Unless or until you buy from any brand exclusively, you may wear a medium for one brand a large for another. Yes, many of you might think that you have a good idea about your measurements, but rather than assuming, get an accurate number. You should be aware of your chest, waist, hips, thigh and inseam size. You should know the proper way to measure your body with a cloth tape measure and write down the numbers.

2. Explore the size chart

Sizes vary across different brands and stores; that is why sending back the wrong size can be a significant hassle. The most online retailer has a section in their website about the size. You should not just ignore it; explore it! Read all the details carefully and decide which size will be perfect for your measurement.


3. Size up in confusion

When in doubt, pick the bigger size. If you get into such a situation where neither you want to miss the sale of your dream dress, nor you are sure about your appropriate size. Pick a bigger size than your usual one. At least you will have an option to go for a custom clothier.

4. Focus on the materials

You should focus not only on the measurement of garments but also note the type of material. There are shrinkable cotton and polyester, which can make resistant shrink. When you notice that the material is cotton, you can decide the size thinking about shrinking possibilities.

5. Turn your favourite cloth into a benchmark

There are always one pair of jeans that you feel like wearing every day, or there is one top you are wearing for the last two years. Make your favourite items as a benchmark while shopping online. You can note the size, brand name, style, materials to compare it with other things. Some retailers facilitate users by using some tools to put your size details to choose the possible items. SizeCharter is an isolated tool that allows you to plug your favourite brand or measurement. It will show you a list of brands and the things that might make a perfect fit for your body type.

6. Go for augmented reality clothing apps

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Few apps let the users try on outfits virtually using only a mobile camera. You cannot just rely on augmented reality clothing apps to get a perfect size, but you can determine how the colour or style will look on you. Even before purchasing, you can get some idea of how the neon shirt you plan to purchase for your birthday will go with your body shape and skin tone. This will also save your time to go through that annoying returning policy.

7. Returning policy

Checking the returning policy before completing the order is always a wise way. If it's needed, double-check the retailers returning policy. Be sure about shipping or restocking fee. Ensure that the retailers have a clear and concise return policy, or you might end up paying hidden and extra charges.

8. Prioritize the reviews

Most retailers keep the option of adding review from customers. Instead of going for a product with hundreds of plus reviews, go for more details and read out the positive and negative comments. Some retailers also allow the customer to add image while giving reviews. This helps others decide whether to buy or not; based on how the colour or design works.

9. Wear what you wish, buy what you want

We all like refreshing our wardrobes. Nowadays, online clothing websites are frequently used to avoid the big market crowd. In online, the option is vast; we can visit 10 stores in few minutes. All you have to do is to add your choice to your cart and click the final 'order now' button; that's it, you are all set to go to the runway with your new look.

Plus size clothing: a new trend!

The fashion industry is changing as the competition is growing. The demand for plus size clothing is expanding, and a more extensive size range refers to good business. Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, retailers are coming out with great outfits in the larger size, and they are extending size ranges. Some time ago, we used to see the plus-size products hidden at a corner of a store. Now the question is, what exactly is a plus-size? Plus-size is a general term used to define women's size, ranging from size 12 and above.

Now we see loads of variety in colour, style, shape in plus-sized clothing. There are all the options available to get the perfect fit for the plus-sized customer for different seasons or occasions. If you are plus-size, you don't have to worry about finding a floral dress for you to wear in your next beach party. Neither you need to took the hassle to get a perfect formal dress for your next meeting.

In Australia, many clothing websites give you the option to get the perfect fit plus size items to flatter your figure. The clothing stores are offering opportunities for more shapes and sizes. Earlier, the plus-sized consumer used to lack options in fashioning their self-identity. They can now choose from the wide selection area where items like pant, jeans, long jackets, party wear, top, knit, swimwear, jumpsuits, and playsuits are available in plus size. Much online clothing store also offers the option of giving free deliveries across Australia when you spend a maximum amount of money. Kita Ku is one of those plus size clothing company. You will get free shipping Australia wide over for your purchase up to 129.95 AUD. It also gives you the option to pay later with After pay. If you hunt for unique, casual wear, comfortable plus size clothing, give a quick tour to Kita Ku's website. Kita Ku design for all woman, including plus size clothing.

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