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After Pay accepted on all orders | NEW MANAGEMENT Check out our latest styles!

Curvy Plus Size Ladies Fashion Australia

February 18, 2020

Curvy Plus Size Ladies Fashion Australia

How to create a curvy plus sized wardrobe for winter that you'll love.

With the advent of sustainable fashion and the shunning of fast fashion, along with an upcoming change in season, it’s a great opportunity to de-clutter your wardrobe and update it with items that really spark joy and make you feel like a goddess.

At Kita Ku we have a passion for curvy plus size ladies fashion in Australia, and have helped many women transform their wardrobes for the better. 

Creating a plus size winter wardrobe can be fun. It’s about removing the items that don’t bring you joy, or aren't suitable for the conditions and replacing them with key pieces that you love and make you feel fabulous.

Being a curvy, plus size lady doesn’t mean you can’t go shopping and own a fashion collection you can be proud of. And it doesn't mean that just because it's cold outside you need to wear over-sized coats and baggy jumpers that don't compliment your figure. 

1. Start by being body positive

Longing for clothes that don’t suit your shape is not healthy. Embrace your shape and dress for the now. This will make you feel so much better on a daily basis.

The temptation for winter is to buy over-sized items that you can hide in, but this won't make you feel confident when you leave the house. 

Look at the clothes in your wardrobe that no longer fit you and consider donating them to thrift or at least boxing them out of sight.

The next step is to find a plus size, curvy fashion retailer that you feel comfortable with and exploring their range.

Look for pieces that are on-trend, made well and offer a good returns policy if you are shopping online.

The beauty of Kita Ku is that you can shop from the comfort of your own home and we offer flat rate shipping of $9.95 anywhere in Australia.

2. Work out your signature look – and have fun!

A winter wardrobe doesn’t need to be dull. Play with colour and prints, mix up neutrals with brights and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Us big girls do not have to blend in – let’s be bold and proud!

Your signature look might be a red lip, high heel wedges, a cheeky bust or a cinched waist.

Have a think about whether you are modern and edgy, glamorous or boho, and build 6-7 outfits around these themes.

3. Select a few staple items that you can mix and match

The best place to start:

1. A signature dress in an animal print or floral
2. A bright jacket to throw over a black or white outfit
3. A pair of wide legged black pants

And then build from there:

3 x tops to match with the pants
3 x pairs of shoes – a combination of flats, boots and heels
2-3 jackets to change the look from day to night, work to play, every day to special occasion.

4. Remember to be you.

When it comes to working out your style, don’t always try and follow trends.
If you like something, buy it! Because if you love it, it will show.

When it comes to curvy plus sized ladies fashion in Australia, Kita Ku have a range of pieces that will help you build an amazing winter wardrobe that will have you strutting your stuff and feeling good.

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