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Beat The Heat: 7 Fashion Do's For Summer

November 25, 2019

Beat The Heat: 7 Fashion Do's For Summer

When it comes to clothing, you have got to love summer fashion. Spending evenings by the beach with friends, and lazy afternoons sipping on coolers in your front yard, it is all about soaking in some much-needed vitamin D while enjoying the warmth of summer.

Whether you take on beating the heat by walking to your nearby grocery store or by renewing your swimming club membership, don’t ignore the summer style staples.

With spring fading, we bring you a few fantastic summer fashion tips to breeze through the warm weather effortlessly, while setting high standard wardrobe goals for those around you!

Here what you need to know to beat the heat this summer.

1. Loose clothing

Nothing feels worse than clothes sticking to your body on a hot and humid summer day.

To avoid this scenario, stick to loose-fitting items like maxi dresses and wide-legged linen trousers. This might sound surprising, but a long maxi dress keeps you more relaxed and fresh than a mini-skirt and top; the best part is, they are also available in plus size clothing for women with curvier figures.

With less fabric clinging on to your body as you go about your day, you will feel more comfortable and sweat less.

If possible, try to avoid tight pencil skirts, corset tops and bodycon dresses in the heat. When the temperature rises, free-flowing clothes are so much more comfortable.

2. Summer sneakers and sandals

From jeans to sundresses to a mini, clean white sneakers are a great choice of accompaniment. You can pair them with anything! Summer’s also the perfect time to try on a pair of sandals. Like flip flops, slide sandals are celebrated for their comfort. Wear sandals in a bold colour to add more style to your steps and take your summer outfit to the next level.

3. Summer accessories

Accessories will prove to be very useful, and it does not matter if you’re home or abroad. In hot weather, heavy bags with thick straps will feel uncomfortable, so a bag made of jute or a tote bag is indispensable for the beach.

A cross-body bag will come in handy if you’re doing some sightseeing around the city.

It’s time to put away your large statement jewellery in jewel or dark tones, summertime calls for light-weight jewellery in earth tones. Look for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in blues, brown, gold, or brightly coloured cotton bracelets.

4. Summer make-up

To prevent your pores from getting clogged, go minimal on your make-up. Use lip tints instead of crème lipsticks to avoid heaviness and keep your skin hydrated with the help of a serum.

5. Headscarves and hats

A colourful headscarf is one of the tasteful summer fashion trends that never go out of style. These stylish scarves help in keeping your head cool while your summer attire protects your body from the heat. Also remember, sunglasses are mandatory on a hot summer day; as a fashion statement and a saviour from the glaring sun.

With several chic ways to drape a scarf around your neck and head, it’s a good idea to pick up a few colour-block and printed scarves for this season. If scarves are not your preferred choice of neck/ headwear, don’t worry, you can avoid the sun by wearing a hat or funky cap too.

A great combination would be to wear a wide-brimmed hat and carry a lightweight scarf in your bag to stay cool and stylish as you head out.

6. Choose breathable fabrics

Breathability is crucial when the sun rises in the sky. Some breathable fabrics are cotton, linen and silk; they will help keep you cool in dry heat or humidity. If you want a stylish look, cotton has some interesting variants, such as chambray and seersucker. So, remember, cotton is essential for summer as its natural fibre allows it to be breathable, dry faster and absorb sweat.

7. Light coloured clothes

Lighter shades will help reflect the sun and keep you cooler in the process.

Go for lighter colours like pastels, whites and creams, which dispel heat instead of absorbing it. Specifically, white will absorb less heat than darker tones and also gives you the bonus of being able to coordinate with almost every other colour.

A few trending colours for this season would be peach, classic blue, coral pink, saffron and faded denim, they are both fashionable and suited for the warm climate.

With summer knocking at our doors, we hope these summarised summer tips and tricks to beat the heat will help you enjoy summer to its fullest. It’s time to embrace the sun with a smile, a smile brighter than the sky!

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